GODR GA Superior Court Certification 


The journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step ~ Lao Tzu

Mediation increases listening, learning, and understanding ourselves and others, 

creating pathways to solutions   




                          Facilitative Style Mediation  

    ​                      Family Education & Life Coaching

                           Employee Assistance Program Services

You May Expect

  • Us to respect your resources.
  • Us to help you with problem-solving processes that facilitate resolving disagreements (Internet, Court ADR, & commercial/private mediation spaces).
  • Us to serve you as a neutral party who does not offer counseling, evaluation, or solutions, and whose role is non-adversarial.
  • Us to assume that you are able to understand more than anyone else your beliefs and feelings about specific situations.
  • That agreements are non-binding, except when mediation is court-ordered.
  • That confidentiality is guaranteed unless otherwise restricted by local, state, and/or federal law.




  • ​Enables control over decision-making processes.
  • Often less than a third of litigation costs.
  • Public school mediation and mediation training increases learning and classroom behavior.
  • Family education and coaching promotes parent participation, increases student success, and enhances family harmony.
  • Increases listening, learning, & understanding ourselves and others.


We offer You

  • Domestic Relations, Child Custody, Civil and Workplace Disputes, & Elder Care Mediation
  • In-home family education coaching.
  • In-school (public, private K-12 & post secondary) peer and staff mediation training & mediation services
  • Employee Assistant Program (EAP) workplace mediation, coaching, & training.
  • One-on-one motivational and Self-Esteem Coaching.